How to SEO in 2013 -Seoonlinejaipur

How to SEO in 2013-

seo service company jaipur india
seo service company jaipur india

Google will end up eating the cake searches this year, do not think that any of your competitors will do some damage. Google in 2013 will be crowned as the King of Internet searches so your aim will focus your thinking SEO strategies in the search of Mountain View.
Piwik Analytics Alternative

Google Analytics is an excellent web analytics software, however Google through its Not Provided transparency makes this a little Blurred. So the SEO professionals should start alternating use with Piwik, another excellent program for web analytics statistics. The program is open source, available in 45 languages ​​and with more than 1 million downloads.
You must have a personal and business profile on Google+

Google Plus becomes a necessity in our SEO strategy, first you must create a personal account to improve your Author Rank and on the other create a business account for your website and take advantage of the +1 button, which helps you up in search results. See page PS on Google+
No bones about it to your web version

In 2013 you have a mobile version for your website or at least have a Responsive Web Design. No bones about it, or wait longer, it is extremely important to offer your visitors a complete experience no matter where you visit.
Get ready for Google Algorithm Updates

Last year we witnessed the Google algorithm updates, especially with the emergence of Panda and Penguin, which throughout the year were receiving updates and changed 13% of the search results in the world. The 2013 will be no exception, so I prepared and is attentive. We will inform you.

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