Budget cuts hit Randolph Community College

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ASHEBORO, N.C. — The President of Randolph Community College says he’s changing his tune when it comes to asking state legislators for money.

Dr. Bob Shackleford believes it’s time for leaders to recognize community colleges as an investment the state needs to fund instead of just another group asking for money.

“Every year we’re told there’s more budget cuts, more budget cuts. We’ve always been able to kind of suck it up and keep on,” explained Dr. Shackleford. “But we’re now past the point of just being able to tighten the belt. It’s at the point now that it’s going to impact jobs, programs, students.”

RCC will be cutting courses, eliminating at least one program and phasing out some full-time positions in order to meet nearly a million dollar budget reduction this year.

Community Colleges across the state will face budget cuts, party because enrollment has decreased or leveled out since…

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